Stay fit, or get into shape with
a Denver Smart Watch or Fitness band


During the last couple of years, there has been more and more focus on living healthy and getting into shape, and luckily we have a lot of helpful gadgets that makes it more fun to do that. With a Denver Smart Watch you are not only getting a trendy, nice looking and well functioning watch, that can also show you messages, caller ID and more. You are also getting a fitness accessory that can help you keep track of the amount of steps you take during the day, track your speed and distance during a run + looking after your heart rate and even blood pressure on some models. 

We also have models that can show you your body temperature fast and easy. Very convenient. 

Smart Watches

We have watches with GPS built-in. This is the models you want to use if you are doing a lot of running, cycling etc. 

We also have watches that has more focus on notifications, steps, and some that can even take phone calls directly on the watch. (still depending on Bluetooth connection to the phone though)

We have square, round, feminine and maskuline watches + all sorts of fitness bands.

There is something for every taste

     24 hour tracking of steps & heart rate

     Sleep tracking

     Long battery life

     Works with Android and iOS

     Works in most local languages

     Durable and easy to read screens


Smartphone app with easy to use features

Smart Watches and fitness bands will keep you on track with your personal health plan, and give you a modern and useful gadget

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