An electric scooter is a fast and convenient way to transport yourself - environmental

Denver Electronics A/S has a great lineup of electric scooters. Legal for public use, and with all safety precautions regarding battery package. We have scooters that fits most country rules, including Germany with our model called DENVER SCO-85351THOR. 
Our scooters has overcharge circuit, heat safety circuit both in scooter and in charger. This way we ensure your safety while riding and using the scooter. 

Our scooters has lights both in front and back and reflectors in front, back and sides of the scooter. 
They are foldable for easy carrying and storage. 

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And use it while you want to, not when a rental scooter is available. It really gives you extra freedom. 
You are also more in control over what state the scooter is in. 

    Transport, the environmental way

    Safe and secure with battery protection

    Durable and with lots of comfort

    Road legal, fulfils all demands

    Long range per charge

    Up to 20km/h (+ models up to 25km/h)

    Strong light and reflectors

    Foldable for easy carrying and storage



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