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Outdoor smart Wi-Fi/IP camera
With 1mpixel CMOS sensor - TUYA compatible

Product information

  • Digital outdoor IP camera with IR led’s for night use
  • Pair with your home Wi-fi and use the
  • camera online (WEP/WPA/WPA2) or use with LAN cable
  • 1mpixel sensor - HD resolution 720P - 1280x720@30fps)
  • TUYA smart home compatible (uses TUYA SMART app)
  • Built-in speaker & microphone
  • IR distance up to 30 meters
  • Motion detection + manual access (motion detection up to 30 meters - a bit less at night)
  • MicroSD card slot - up to 128gb (not incl.)
  • Push notifications to phone when there is movement
  • Metal housing
  • Water splash proof - IP65

If you get an error message that the camera has already been paired to another account, please do as follows:
1. Connect camera to power
2. Open the small hatch underneath the camera (takes a small screwdriver to do taht)
3. Push and hold the small reset button and KEEP on holding, even though the camera says it is reset and will reboot.. Hold it for at least 10-15 seconds and then let go. 

Now you should be able to pair it, as it is completely reset and has lost it's old pairing.