Technical support for Denmark, Sweden,
Norway & Finland



If you want to write us an e-mail, please make sure to write your
message in English or Danish.
This way, we can provide a faster and proper service for you.

For technical questions, please write to:

For all other questions, please write to:


Remember to include:

  • Proper description of the error. With pictures if possible.
  • Model number
  • If app issue then brand and model of your phone
  • Email and phone number so that we can contact you.



It is also possible to give us a call.

Please notice that we can only help you in English or Danish.


  +45 86 22 61 00

Please push 2 for "support" at welcome menu.


mo-th 8.00-16.00 / fr 8.00-14.30


Fax no. : +45 86 22 81 00