We help retailers offer quality electronics to consumers at the market’s most competitive prices.


Whether it is work, play, entertainment, staying fit, staying safe or staying in touch, Denver can meet the need. Our products bring consumer electronics within reach.

Our products come with a two-year warranty and a local after-sales support concept that can be tailored to meet any retail need. All of our products are CE certified and live up to the highest EU standards for quality, safety and responsible .

Wide range of products

Quality electronics at competitive prices

Wide range of international customers

Branches throughout Europe & Asia

We are Denver

Denver manufactures and sells one of the world’s best value mass-market consumer electronics with over 400 products.

We work directly with retail buyers and purchasing departments.
Our focus is on producing affordable electronics with the right design and performance at the right price. We can even provide customized and private-label consumer electronics for your retail brand.

From smartphones, to televisions, to home security, photo and video equipment, E-mobility, and much more - we have years of experience with consumer electronics, and our product portfolio is continuously expanding. 

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If you are a retail buyer or purchasing department, choosing to work with us will give you access to one of the broadest mass-market consumer electronics assortments in the world.


Denver offers more than 400 different products in a wide number of categories and we can tailor our offering to meet your exact needs.

We understand the complexities retailers face in dealing with many suppliers, especially in terms of consumer electronics categories, where televisions might come from one supplier, computers and tablets from another, and home security, TVs, and E-mobility products from others still. 



We have one of the broadest assortments of consumer electronics anywhere in the world, and can supply your needs in just about any consumer electronics category. This makes managing procurement easier, helps give your consumers a more unified brand-experience and eases the process of setting up after-sales support.

With Denver you’ll be able to offer consumer electronics that will meet your customer’s needs at affordable prices. We can also develop private label or co-branded products. Our engineering teams can even develop new electronics products based on your needs and customers’ demands.  


We manufacture quality products that always live up to consumer needs – without the big brand-name price.

Our business is based on a global sourcing model.

have established direct relationships with electronics manufacturers and developed our own production model.

By taking advantage of the extra production capacity on global manufacturers’ production lines, we can produce products with the highest possible quality and lowest prices. Many Denver® products are manufactured each day on the same lines as brand-name products within the same category.

Our broad product assortment means we can buy in large quantities from the factories we corporate with, enabling us to get better pricing. We pass those savings on to you.

Through years of experience, we have developed a unique business acumen. Our flexible manufacturing setup means we can quickly identify and produce products that create volume for retailers.

We understand the importance of a good service experience when your customers have questions or problems with our products. That’s why easy, reliable and locally-based product support is a part of everything we sell.

/After-sales Support


In addition to Denver, we supply private label and custom-made consumer electronics products to retailers.


Strong private labels can successfully differentiate a retailer and build longer-term customer loyalty, and retailers have worked with private-label for many years in categories like food and health.

Within consumer electronics, private-label products are emerging in popularity. Our existing assortment of products, global sourcing capabilities and engineering and manufacturing expertise make it possible for us to supply almost any kind of personal electronic device.

We can help you build a quality private label program, whether it is for a single product or across multiple electronics categories. We can also develop and manufacture unique products to meet specific consumer demands.


Our sourcing model and broad assortment mean we often have ready-to-ship
products available. Our manufacturing logistics are flexible with shipping
options that can meet any need.

Through years of experience in mass-market consumer electronics, we’ve developed a business acumen that means we can spot top sellers and help you accurately predict needs in the ordering process.

Product availability and flexibility are two of our defining characteristics. Whatever your Warehouse Management System needs may be, we can deliver.

We can work with:

  • Palleted products delivered to distribution centres
  • Cased or boxed product shipped directly to retail stores or distribution centres
  • Parcels delivered directly to e-commerce consumers


Since 1990, we have built a stable business on common sense, good salesmanship and hard work. We have evolved into a manufacturer of dependable, affordable and varied consumer electronics with a broad sales and support network across Europe.


Denver A/S began as an importer of radios and television sets to Europe from the Far East. As our business concept and customer base has steadily grown, we have evolved into a manufacturer of mass-market consumer electronics.

Our traditions for hard work, common sense and good salesmanship remain a part of our DNA, even as we expand and broaden our business across all parts of Europe.



When you choose Denver, you get a broad portfolio of products and after sales support. We are not just one-stop-shopping, but also a single point of contact – before, during and after the sale.

And all Denver products live up to the highest production and safety standards.

We work with top independent auditors to inspect, verify, test and certify our global supply chain. Our products are CE certified and live up to the highest EU standards for safety, quality and ethical production.


Denver products are characterised by good design, practical performance and affordable prices. Safety, authenticity and service are also a part of everything we do.

A part of of our commitment to bringing quality, affordable consumer electronics to consumers is ensuring those products are tested thoroughly and compliant with all safety and licensing requirements.

Our products include only officially licensed patents, software and entertainment concepts and services, which ensures consumers don’t have to compromise on quality and safety.

All Denver Electronics products are covered by a two-year warranty and a local, after sales service concept.


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